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26 July 2015
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Wedding Day: Liza & Igor

Only once in a while you get to meet a couple that is equally graceful, smart and have a story to tell. Liza and Igor's beautiful peacock-themed wedding was one-in-a-million chance of different circumstances coming together (rain, décor, couple and meaningful words told throughout the day) so I just HAD to tell it the way I did.
(Moscow, 05.09.2013)
Wedding planner agency "Vintage"
Décor by "White Decor"


    • Videographer Avatarfilms
      Прекрасное доброе видео, особенно понравилась история с Килиманджаро :)
      · 0
    • Videographer Dmitry Sedov
      О! Костя! Не верю своим глазам :))) Ты это как тут вдруг образовался :)? Давненько не заходил...
      · 0
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